Conserving Energy at Your Place of Worship

Tips To Help You Clean And Maintain Your Home’s Solar Panels For Optimal Output

Once you have installed solar panels on your home to provide power for some or all your home's electrical needs, you will want to keep them well-maintained and clean so they can continue to work as well as possible. Dirt, leaves, snowfall, and other build-up can accumulate on your panels, and an effective cleaning routine will keep them working their best to produce electricity for your home. Here are some tips to help you keep your solar panels clean all year. Read More 

How to Keep Grease Clogs from Forming in Your Restaurant’s Sewer Pipes

As a restaurant owner or manager, you know just how much grease is produced in your kitchen. There's greasy leftover sauces, remnants of salad dressings, and of course, grease from fryers and frying pans. No matter how hard you try, some of these grease and fat products are going to end up down your drain when you wash pans and dishes. If you're not careful, they could end up clogging your sewer lines, leading to dangerous and costly backups. Read More 

Protecting Your Diesel Powered Truck: Where To Start

Increased power, greater fuel efficiency and a longer lifespan represent just some of the benefits owners of vehicles with diesel powered engines experience. However, while these are somewhat inherent benefits, they can be lost if you aren't properly taking care of the vehicle. To ensure you are experiencing these benefits, as well as many others, proper maintenance is key. Make certain you know how to protect your vehicle. Choose Oil Filters Wisely Read More 

Learn About These Phenomena Before You Build: Why A Geo-Engineering Evaluation Is So Important

If you've acquired land and are planning to develop it, you have to get environmental assessments to satisfy state regulations, but you also need a geological assessment to ensure your planned development would be safe and cost-efficient to build. Land might look nice and sturdy on the surface, but it can hide a host of problems that would make development difficult, if not impossible. Among these problems are a few that, while not deal-breakers, are ones that could affect construction itself. Read More 

The Basics Of Solar Panel Conversion In Cloudy Climates

When thinking about solar power, most people think that they need to live in an area that gets full sun all the time. The truth is, you can still benefit from the installation of solar panels even if you live in an area that's more cloudy than not. If you live in an area that's prone to cloud cover, here's what you need to know about having success with a solar panel conversion. Read More 

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Conserving Energy at Your Place of Worship

Are you a busy pastor of a place of worship? Perhaps, you and your congregation are concerned about the environment. You might desperately desire to start conserving energy at your church as soon as possible. Consider turning the lights and heating and air conditioner system at your place of worship off when no one is present. You might also want to think about using candles at some of your church services instead of electricity. Besides helping you conserve energy, candlelight creates a wonderful ambiance for church services. On this blog, I hope you will discover additional, creative ways to conserve energy at your place of worship. Enjoy!