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Renting Your First Dumpster For A Room Rehab Project? 2 Things You Need To Know Before Renting One

If you are getting ready to work on your first home renovation project, then you are likely excited and busy planning the new room and choosing new flooring, paint, appliances, and/or furniture that will go in it. However, don't forget that before those new items are taken into the room, everything currently in it needs to be recycled or disposed of. Most people performing home renovations simply rent a dumpster before starting the project to have a place to put construction debris and other trash quickly and easily during renovation. Before you rent your first dumpster, read on to learn two important facts about dumpster rentals you need to know. 

1. Heavy Construction Debris Needs A Separate Dumpster

Before "tearing up" the old room to prepare it for new flooring, appliances, and furniture, you need to take note of anything you will be tearing up that is heavy in weight and will need to be put in a special dumpster. Your dumpster rental company can provide you a complete list of materials they consider heavyweight, but it is standard for concrete, bricks, and soil to be considered heavy enough that they need their own dumpster. 

Why do you need two dumpsters? Overweight and overfilled dumpsters are a safety hazard to everyone on the road while the dumpster is being hauled away. To make it easier for customers to only load dumpsters to their weight limits without having to weigh materials themselves, "fill lines" are placed on dumpsters. Dumpsters designated for use with heavy items have fill lines that are much lower than those for light items. This prevents dumpster overloading naturally. 

2. Don't Throw Those Old Mattresses in the Dumpster without Prior Approval

New laws are popping up all over the country that strictly regulate how mattresses can be disposed of. California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island all currently have laws that designate that old mattresses must be dropped off at specific locations where staff is ready to take them apart and recycle the components of them that can be recycled. 

However, if you live outside of these states, that doesn't mean that you are free to toss your mattresses in a dumpster -- while other states may not have enacted these strict mattress recycling laws yet, some cities and towns have. 

If you have old mattresses that need to be disposed of during your renovation project and are unsure of the local laws, then simply ask an associate at the dumpster rental company if they accept mattresses in the dumpsters. If there are local laws that require mattresses to be recycled, then the dumpster company may offer to take your mattress and recycle it for you. If there are no local mattress regulations, then they may just instruct you to toss it in the dumpster filled with light items. 

If you are embarking on a home renovation project and renting a dumpster to place your construction debris in, then keep these two dumpster rental tips in mind to make sure you don't accidentally overload a dumpster or throw used mattresses in it if local laws forbid it. For more information, check out a site like

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